Getting Much Deeper into Zelda: Tale of Lyria!

Often, I ask for feedback as to whether or not my viewers want to see some more of any game that I end up doing a feature on, and since in late March I’d done a gameplay video of a new fan game called The Legend of Zelda: Tale of Lyria, I wanted to get an idea as to if people wanted to see more. Well, they did, so here we go with an extended episode continuing our adventures in the land of Lyria!

Last time, I left things off after having completed the first major dungeon of the game. Things pick up here because we can explore a lot more of the overworld now that we have the Step Ladder item. So, in this video, we do a lot of exploring. Here are the big locations you can look forward to seeing this time around:

  • Sky Tower (Level 2)
  • Abandoned Armory
  • Ruined Castle (Level 3)
  • Ice Citadel (Level 4)

We also get the second sword of the game as well as the Blue Mail, so that leaves us in a good position for when our adventure picks up again. That is, if you want to see more!

Thanks for tuning in, and as always, feel free to subscribe!

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