Finding Noah’s Ark in Blood Knights!

As odd as it may seem, what with all the references to the “Trail of Noah” throughout the game, I never made the connection that the mountain region we’ve been exploring in Blood Knights is supposed to be the mountain upon which Noah’s Ark finally landed after the Great Flood. Well, that becomes very apparent to me as I play further into the game, and you’ll see why in this new video (featuring Chapters 5 and 6!).

Last time, we left off after having bested Castello and made our way to Pikehold Castle. We soon find out that things aren’t what they seem, and as it turns out, a succubus has taken hold of the minds of all the men (and the keep’s Lord), turning them into mindless vampire zombies. In the end, we pursue her deep into the dungeon, rescue Sonia, and kill the succubus, but not before finding out that the Blood Seal has been taken into the mountains above and will be used for nefarious purposes.

Once there, we meet Father Bartholomew, who tells us to defeat three vampire sorcerers and break the barrier around the site of the Blood Seal where an ancient demon has been summoned. We do that, and we face off against the beast, but our victory is bittersweet. It seems that the First Paladin of Rome and his men might not be who we think they are. Is something more afoot? I guess we’ll have to find out in the final part of the game!

Enjoy, and as always, check out my channel for other video fun!

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