Gaming Goddess Podcast 09-05: Mental Vampires

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This week’s episode of The Gaming Goddess Podcast is sort of like a mini-podcast, shortened by the fact that I’ve had an awful lot going on both personally and professionally (as explained in the episode itself, at least in brief), so I really didn’t have time to prepare something big for you all. I’m sure you all will understand, of course, but I figured I at least owe you something.

Consistency is important to me, and given that I did have a little time to at least prepare something, I figured it was good to get an episode out there, even if it was just a brief update on some things going on with me as well as a commentary on some recent and upcoming projects of mine (ZHEROSAgatha Christie: The ABC Murders, and Black Desert Online). I hope you enjoy the episode, despite its brevity this time around!

Music in this episode comes from the Poirot television show and from a fan-made Mega Man soundtrack. Fitting, given some of my recent projects!

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