Deep into Vampire Territory in Blood Knights!

Since it had been a little while since my last foray into the world of Blood Knights, I figured it was about time to continue our adventure. Last time, things left off with our pair of vampiric heroes sent on a quest from the priest of our former unit to regain his trust by recovering a relic of light hidden in the mountainous Stormtop region beyond Godskeep.

Stormtop itself isn’t too bad, and recovering the relic isn’t all that difficult. This does indeed regain us the priest’s good will, and he informs us that a vampire battalion was recently defeated by an order of knights living in a keep at the Trail of Noah. He suspects that the Blood Seal may be there, and suggests we travel through the Trail to seek it out.

Of course, this isn’t all that easy. We have to set our morals aside and help a vampiress retrieve the souls of two slain vampire lords in order to augment our strength enough to open the way forward and then confront Castello, our old second-in-command. It’s clear that Castello plans to recover the Blood Seal himself and present it to Rome for the glory of it all, so we end up having to do battle with him and deliver a final blow. Yet, while one might think that was the end of our adventure, it seems that much more awaits.

Where will things take us in chapter five? I guess we’ll have to play on to find out!

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