Gaming Goddess Podcast 09-03: RPG Maker MarVelous!


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This time around, my good friend and current co-host Jeremy Stratton and I spend some time talking about Degica’s latest offering for would-be game developers: RPG Maker MV. This one released late in 2015 and has a ton of features that weren’t present in previous renditions, even though at its very core it seems reminiscent of the previous program, RPG Maker VX Ace. As someone who’s tinkered with these programs since back in the days of RPG Maker 2003 (which, interestingly enough, also got ported to Steam in 2015), this topic is very interesting to me, especially since I’m working on a fan-made project of my own using the Zelda Classic engine.

Jeremy talks about his experiences with this new program up to this point and also discusses his video tutorial series. What’s really interesting to me about his tutorials is that he approaches them not in the guise of a seasoned veteran doing very scripted how-to sessions, but as someone who has the same basic questions that likely any new user will have. He sets out to complete small but meaningful tasks, and makes his videos very approachable. I really enjoy them, and I suspect you would too!

After a brief audio intermission following the main session, I update you guys on a few things going on with me, including the status of my Zelda: Sword of Moria fan-game. So, don’t miss that by thinking the podcast is over and tuning out!

Music this time around comes courtesy of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, which has an amazing soundtrack.

As always, you can get the latest episodes via iTunes and RSS, but you can also find the MP3 right here.

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