GG Podcast 09-02: Misleading Labels

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This episode’s topic stemmed from an interesting conversation I had with the awesome Jeremy Stratton (a.k.a. StratXGaming) about the use of labels and hashtags in the gaming industry. In particular, though, I should clarify that it’s mainly in a marketing manner that this happens. I’ve found that a lot of games are being identified as something they aren’t in order to push copies to players, which is awfully misleading.

Case in point: are there really that many roguelikes out there? I doubt it.

So, why is it that so many developers, and especially publishers, are touting so many games with labels like “roguelike” when they’re clearly, at best, dungeon crawlers? And what does this abuse mean for game buyers and the state of the industry?

Jeremy joins me for another awesome episode with this at its heart. He also talks about an experience he had while working at Massively some years back where he wrote an article about the term “grinding” and what he felt like it meant (or maybe didn’t mean), and how that article really got people fired up.

Music for this episode comes from the Golden Sun series because I’ve recently given it a chance and found I really like it!

Of course, you can subscribe on iTunes via the link below the episode player, and for those that need it, you can grab the MP3 directly here.

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