The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 9, Ep. 1: A New Year with New Adventures!

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Yes, indeed – The Gaming Goddess podcast is back with a brand-new season! Season nine, to be exact!

Every January when the show picks back up I always mention this – I can’t believe it’s gone on for so long! The podcast started around this time back in 2012, and here we are, four years later, celebrating a new run of the show as 2016 gets into full swing!

My great friend Jeremy Stratton joins me for the first podcast episode of 2016, and I’ll tell you up front that this is a long episode. Initially, we’d planned for it to be in the 30-60 minute ballpark, but we just kept having so much fun and hitting on such a diverse bunch of topics that time escaped us, and there was enough good, fun conversation that I hated to cut out any of it…so I didn’t!

Jeremy and I spend some time talking about: our recent gaming endeavors (Serpent in the Staglands, Fallout 4, Dust Bowl, Ys: The Oath in Felghana, The Deadly Tower of Monsters, Blood Knights, Dragonian: The Imbalance of Sierr, and more), our indie and retro gaming site Zero Friction, and our retro-gaming memories. Jeremy’s been getting back into Final Fantasy V with a new Let’s Play series, and watching that recently evoked some fun memories in me. We talk about the quirkiness of some of the JRPGs from that era, but also just how amazing the writing was back then.

Music in this episode is royalty-free and fun. I’m considering options for a new theme song for the show, but haven’t made up my mind yet.

As always, the show is available on iTunes, with it going live on Google Play Music hopefully when that launches its podcast portal this year, but you can also get the MP3 directly here.

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