City of Hope — Tarir in Guild Wars 2!

Having previously become the bearer of Glint’s egg and having met the Exalted for the very first time, our next task was to gain trust with this new race and gain entrance into their city of Tarir in Auric Basin. This required some leveling of mastery points off-camera in my spare time enjoying the game, but now that I have the required skill, I’m able to finally enter the city.

Tarir is a strange, wonderful, and beautiful place. The Exalted themselves are a new race that’s evolved from once flesh-and-blood humans who were recruited by the Forgotten (an ancient race in the world of Tyria) to become beings of energy charged with protecting the legacy of the dragon Glint. With Glint’s death, they have reawakened and begun to patrol the Maguuma Jungle. Of course, although the egg seems to have chosen us as its protector in order to bring it to Tarir, we have to face a series of trials set forth by the Forgotten to prove our worthiness.

The test has three phases to it. The first is an endurance round in which healing skills cannot be used, which therefore makes dodging a critical skill. Next, we have to navigate a maze while finding switches and avoiding enemies, all within a set time limit. And the third challenge is possibly the most interesting, because in it we’re turned into a rabbit, have to revive defeated Vigil soldiers, and rely on guiding them to defeat all enemies in the room.

Victory there gives us access to the Egg Chamber and a really interesting vision imparted on us by the egg. But, you’ll have to watch the last few minutes of the video to see that vision for yourself!

Stay tuned for more fun with Guild Wars 2 and, as always, feel free to subscribe and spread the word!

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