Ys: The Oath in Felghana – New Let’s Play Prologue!

Well, I told you that once Ys IV: Mask of the Sun was out of the way that I’d tackle the modern remake of Ys III, right?

Ys: The Oath in Felghana is a full-on overhaul of the 1989 classic, and it picks up right where Mask of the Sun leaves off: with Adol and Dogi having set sail, leaving Esteria for new adventures. They arrive in Felghana (somewhere south of Denmark, but just north of the Alps, roughly in Germany), which happens to be Dogi’s homeland. We find out that it’s been eight years since he last came back here, but within the first minute or so of getting off their boat, they find out that things aren’t going so well. Adol saves a young girl from wolves, she turns out to be a childhood friend of Dogi’s, and the group sets off to the nearby city of Redmont. It’s in the town where we discover that monsters have been appearing lately, and after catching up a little with some old friends, Dogi sets out the next morning for the mountains to seek out his master, who he believes might have some more information as to what’s going on.

It’s pretty much at this point that I leave off this first video, which I intended to serve as a prologue. It sets the stage for what’s to come in the game, and so far, I have to say that things are looking good. I really think that this is going to be a fun game, and I hope you all agree and stick with watching this series! 🙂

Thanks for tuning in and, as always, feel free to subscribe!

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