DELTAZEAL – Another Extreme Bullet Hell Game!

If you know anything about the company Triangle Service, then you probably know they’ve been responsible for extreme “bullet hell” shoot-em-up games since the early 2000s. Recently, they’ve been updating and porting some stuff over to the PC as well as making original titles. Earlier this year, XIIZEAL was released as sort of a remade version of 2002’s XII Stag, and here I’m taking a look at another recent release – DELTAZEAL.

DELTAZEAL is an original game, though it obviously draws inspiration from the other titles in the genre. Released on October 16, 2015 this game takes you on a wild ride. It’s hard as heck, and it’s totally unforgiving. If you die in the first stage, consider yourself lucky if you only die once! But in many ways, this game does a fantastic job of hailing back to the classics. I compare it to 1942 or even Xevious, but on steroids.

DELTAZEAL is a lot of fun, but it will likely be frustrating for you as well. The difficulty adds to the game’s replay value, as there is no save feature, and it’s pretty much all-or-nothing. But, that said, if you’re a fan of this genre, you’ll likely enjoy it.

Pick the game up on Steam (currently $11.99) and have fun, though I might caution you to wait until you see it as part of a bundle or on a Steam sale!

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