GW2: Heart of Thorns — Auric Basin Story (3440×1440!)

Finally…at long last, I’ve got some high-quality footage of the first expansion to Guild Wars 2 to share with you, naturally in 3440×1440 WQHD!

Yes, I know, I know…I did a video of the game around Halloween in order to show off some of the Mad King’s content, but although that event went live the same time that Heart of Thorns launched, there was nothing specific to the new expansion in the seasonal content and thus nothing new in that video. Here, I finally take a bit of time to record some of the content, in this case a bit of my personal storyline.

I’ve actually been neglecting the story, truth be told, and I feel bad about that, so the other night I wanted to remedy that and get some playtime in so that I could enjoy the story of the new expansion and, in turn, I decided that would be a nice opportunity to get some good footage in. This story is actually a pretty neat one. First, we get to meet a new “race” of beings called the Exalted for the first time in this story, and we also get some special dragon abilities to use as we escape an insanely powerful (though, in our first encounter I damage her pretty good!) Mordrem Faolain and try to keep the dragon egg safe! Yep, it’s a lot of fun!

You do get to see a bit of the new gliding techniques, and you’ll see some of the maps for the new zones here, too. It’s all just a sampling of what you can expect from Heart of Thorns.

I do plan to record more fun content like this, so please stay tuned!

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