Nearing the End of Ys IV: Mask of the Sun (SNES)!

Like with the games before it, the ride through Ys IV: Mask of the Sun comes and goes pretty quickly, but it’s a fun ride. We’re already getting close to the game’s grand finale, but things won’t be wrapping up in this video.

Here, deep within the Silver Citadel, Adol meets the disciples of Lord Lefance (in spirit form, at least) who tell him to seek out the Hero’s Shield and Armor before confronting Eldeel. We also finally find Lilia, who’s trapped within the Citadel, and rescue her. It’s then that we meet Karna and her supporters who have also made their way in. The door to the inner sanctum is locked, but Lefance’s spirit tells Adol that they can gain access through the Tower of Iris. Thankfully, Karna happens to have a key to the tower’s sealed door.

After collecting the shield in a room not far from the tower itself, we go into the Tower of Iris, and it’s here that we find the last batch of enemies in the game. It appears that the level cap is, in fact, 31, and so the Tower of Iris is the last place we have that we can use to grind our way up. After that, it’s skill alone that will help us reach the final batch of bosses.

So, things wrap up here with us needing to do a bit more grinding before confronting the upper floors of the tower. Next time, though, we’ll work on hitting 31 and then we’ll see if we can bring our journey to a close, or if it’ll require another episode!

Thanks for watching, and stay tuned – more fun is on the way!

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