Finally Getting the Hero’s Sword and Entering Silver Citadel in Ys IV!

We recently discovered that the sword of the legendary hero Lefance rested somewhere in the Mountain of Flames, so we ventured through the waterfall caves and reached the mountain itself. Now, we find ourselves fighting through new monsters in the volcanic area, but nothing here is really all that dangerous. We obtain a new shield, armor, and sword along the way, but the new sword literally lasts just one major battle before we get a significant attack upgrade with the Hero’s Sword (basically the other sword we need to summon a bridge to continue to the next area, LOL).

With the Hero’s Sword, we revisit the great Sage, who gives us access to Lefance’s tomb, where the hero (in ghostly form) tells us how to bring the ancient city of the winged-ones back to the normal world so that we can purge it of its evil. So, after a short side quest to get the necessary items (and a cool little cutscene), we bring the city back and enter it. A fight with Gadis (who’s weak due to our over-leveling) proves easy and grants us access to the Silver Citadel.

What happens next, though? I guess you’ll need to wait for episode seven to find out! 🙂

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