Citadel of Flame Dungeon Fun in GW2!

Continuing my fun with dungeons in Guild Wars 2, this video focuses on a relatively short run through Citadel of Flame. This dungeon is one of those ones that is fairly quick to complete in Explorable Mode and, as such, is often one that people like to do to get some quick money and tokens from. This run actually went pretty well all things considered, and I had a lot of fun with it.

To change things up a bit, I brought my Guardian along for the ride, and that was fun trying to get back into. It’d been a long while since I had played as her, but I realized just how powerful she was again, and it was cool. It also served as an educational point for one of the members of the guild I’m in! 🙂

As a test to see what YouTube can handle resolution-wise, I uploaded this video at 5120×2160 (5K Wide Ultra-HD) and it turned out just fine! So yes, YouTube can, in fact, break the 4K barrier if you push it to!

Along for the ride over chat is Nerdy Nurse and our friend Orange. Talon and Reli (guild members) joined us via in-game party chat.

I hope you enjoy this little 5K treat and stay tuned – more GW2 fun is coming soon!

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