Albino Lullaby – Trippy, Creepy New Atmospheric Horror!

Albino Lullaby is an experience. A strange, trippy, and certainly creepy one at that.

The game is a brand-new atmospheric horror adventure from Ape Law, dropping the player (after what appears to be their death in the opening cinematic) in an ethereal underground world, left to figure out the mysteries therein and try to escape in the process. On the surface, this might sound like one of any number of countless survival horrors out there, but the Victorian-style world is really, really odd. The art style is well-done too, 3D and detailed, yet looking like it came out of some late-19th century children’s book. And then there are the “grandchildren,” a group of creatures (that may have once been human?) that can only be described accurately once you see them.

Thankfully, Ape Law doesn’t rely on cheap jumpscares to deliver its creepy effect. Rather, the game is just one of those ones that builds up a sense of tension, mystery, and strangeness the further you go. Sure, there are tense times when you need to run away from the creatures, but it’s the other times that are more scary to me. Also, the dialogue in the game is well-done and super weird. I absolutely love some of the things the grandchildren say.

Even if the game doesn’t really scare you when you play it, it’s one of those things that you’ll think back on later and it’ll be a bit unsettling.

Anyway, this video is a solid gameplay sample of the first 50 or so minutes of play. It’s not a super long game, either, so this is likely about half of it, but it’ll give you a good taste for what you can expect later. Also, this is billed as Episode 1, so Ape Law has some good plans for 2016 with a successor.

Enjoy, and stay tuned – more fun is on the horizon!

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