DreadOut — A Super Creepy Indonesian Horror Game!

I’ll be honest: DreadOut is one of the very few games to actually creep me out and make me uneasy while playing it in a very long time. While there are some jumpscares in it, the game relies more on building up suspense and dread, setting the mood with creepy music, unsettling environments, and strange events. It really plays with your mind as you go, making you wonder just what’s out there in the darkness that you can’t quite make out.

The game is an Indonesian horror game that draws heavily from the culture and lore (and ghost stories!) of that region, originally releasing on Steam in 2014. This year, though, Digital Happiness put out a major update that includes an Act 2, which allows you to reach a proper ending for the game. Having picked the game up a while back as part of a bundle, I decided to go ahead and take a look at it, and what results here is a video of Act 0, which serves as the game’s prologue and also a tutorial of sorts.

As I said in the beginning of the video, I’m not sure that I’ll record the game in its entirety, but I am going to press on and put out a second video featuring some of Act 1. After that, whether I decide to record more for you will remain to be seen, but meanwhile, I do hope you enjoy what you’ll get to see here. Honestly, I think it’s a great game and well worth the current asking price on Steam!

So, sit back, relax (if you can!), and enjoy the first act of DreadOut! 🙂

Stay tuned – more fun stuff is on the way!

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