Dragon Age: Inquisition – Pajama Patch is Out

If you didn’t listen to the Dragon Age panel at PAX you may have missed out on not only the Trespasser DLC (after it leaked), but the best patch ever that landed on Thursday.

The Golden Nug is a great addition. After you finish the game, head down to the undercroft and “Touch the Golden Nug.” I swear, that’s not an innuendo. *eyebrow waggle*


After you do, all of your characters that also touch the nug will be able to share not only the schematics you found but all the upgrades –  beds, banners, seeds, etc – to Skyhold. Which means as soon as you get out of Haven and to that castle in the Sky, you just have to touch the golden nug *eyebrow waggle* and you have access to everything.

But the best part of the patch, the bit that’s got everyone salivating…


No more horrifying all of Skyhold by trouncing around in your Inquisitor sweats you haven’t changed since Haven. There are options in a wardrobe in your room.

You can just slightly alter the color of your shirt if you don’t want to do anything too crazy. Plain’s your favorite flavor of non-fat ice milk!


Or try on one of the dashing rogue options that add a little bit of scarf to the scarf scarf. Scarf!


How about wearing that old prowler coat you abandoned after level 6 in crafting? It was just taking up space in the closet, anyway.


If you’re in a particular mood, you could crack out the old finery from the Ball after having all the blood stains cleaned off.


Or there’s this armor set that I think is actually made out of hot pads Bed, Bath & Beyond couldn’t sell.


What’s your favorite pajama for the Inquisitor? I’m going through them all in anticipation of Tuesday and the beginning of the end. Don’t forget to touch the golden nug.

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