Doorways: Chapter Two — Total Statue Freakout?!

Unfortunately, I had to deal with several days’ worth of downtime lately due to issues with Comcast/Xfinity locally, but it seems like the issues are resolved and things are working better than ever!

Anyway, people seemed to like my video of the first chapter of Doorways, and I actually had film of the second chapter waiting on my computer to edit and upload, but all the recent downtime made it take longer than I’d have liked to get it out there to you guys. But, no matter – things are ready to rock and roll now!

Chapter two of the game is considerably creepier than the first one, in my opinion. In this chapter, we delve deep inside the twisted labyrinthine sculpture gallery within the mind of a vicious murderer called “The Sculptor.” This chapter is a lot more puzzle and survival focused than chapter one was, and this chapter genuinely scared me a couple times while keeping me on edge throughout most of it, despite my usually-calm demeanor!

With these two out of the way, I know I’ll need to pick up chapter three sometime so I can record it for you and continue our journey, but that’ll have to wait a little bit.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty more to look forward to, so stay tuned!

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