Abandoned Mines and Withered Lands in Oceanhorn!

So, last time we left off, we’d just entered the Abandoned Mines, where the local bomb merchant said that the miners had recently vanished. He also said that we could obtain some bombs that we’d need on our quest. The Mine is the first real dungeon of Oceanhorn. It’s certainly reminiscent of a nice dungeon romp in a Zelda game, with little nooks to explore, a couple secrets to find, and enemies to slay. The puzzles here are pretty straightforward, and the boss (a pair of giant centipedes) isn’t all that bad and, as expected, our prize at the end is the bomb item.

After completing the dungeon, we see a letter in a bottle wash up on the beach in which someone claims to be a prisoner in the Withered Lands and needs our help. Good timing, that – we were going to head there anyway, since the Hermit said that the Owru, who used to live on the Pirta Continent, were the keepers of the Emblem of Earth. The Withered Lands are interesting – a vast desert area to explore and a fortress to get through. Not wanting to spoil too much, I’ll say that the prisoner is quite interesting, teaches us a magic spell, and tells us the location of the shrine where the Earth Emblem should still be kept.

This shrine will be our next location of interest, but you’ll have to wait for episode three to see what happens there!

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