GameFindr: An App to Find People To Play Games With

Sometimes it’s hard to find people to play board games, MtG, or DnD with. And if you don’t have a local gaming meetup, it can be impossible.


There’s a new app available for IOS and Android that can help make that a little easier. It’s called GameFindr. Basically you make a profile and select games you’re interested in playing, and then it searches for other people in the area with similar tastes. Once it finds people, it displays them and tells you how many miles away they are from you. You then have the option of friending people and messaging them to set up a gaming night.

I just started using the app, and on the whole, I’ve found it a bit buggy. Sometimes it doesn’t load and I have to just close the whole program and reopen it to get it to work. Also, if you put a particular board game, like the Battlestar Galactica Board Game, on your profile, it narrows the search down too much and doesn’t end up showing me anyone. Perhaps this will get better if more people start using the app.


I also find the profile features a bit sparse. You can just put a photo, a banner, and then a description. I’d love there to be a place for you to fill out your board game or games collection.

An interesting feature, one that I haven’t used yet, is a player rating. If you meet up with people and play games with them, you can then go back and rate how you enjoyed it. So basically if you think they’re fun to play games with, you can give them a thumbs up. Or if you think they’re awful people and would never want to hang out with them again, you can give them a thumbs down.

This could be cool I guess, but it could also be horrible. I hope it doesn’t become a place for people to be mean to each other.

In general, I think it’s a great idea, but I think it could use a bit of finessing. The developers say they’ll be updating it regularly, so as time goes on, there could be more and better features on the app.


Tell us what you think!

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