Lagoon — Exploring Philips Castle (Huh?!)

In my first session with Lagoon, we explored the town of Atland, saved a miner from the Gold Cave, and eventually defeated a demon named Samson who was sealed away inside. After crushing him (and suffering several humiliating defeats in the process!), we were dumped out in the Elf Field. Here, we head north to the Elven Village of Voloh, where we learn that a nearby castle called Philips Castle has been sealed up by a magic spell, trapping several Elves and, presumably, the Princess Felicia, within its walls. Of course, gaining access to the castle isn’t so simple: we have to find three magic tablets that contain the words to an incantation that can break the seal on the castle’s gate. Luckily, a blond warrior named Thor happens to already have one of the tablets, and finding the other two isn’t all that difficult. So, once they’re all in hand and we get the spell translated, we head to the castle.

Philips Castle…what an odd name. Even after talking to NPCs who gave a bit of backstory about this place, I still don’t understand why it has such a strange name. The Elves talk about it having been the home of Princess Felicia, though when we get there, the place is in great disrepair. Like many RPGs of the era, no explanation is given about the fact that the castle is largely empty, there are no signs of any previous inhabitants other than a few statues and such, no furniture at all, and the place is crawling with monsters or soldiers (are they brainwashed, zombies, or something else?). The place is a huge maze, but in time (and with the help of a couple maps), we manage to save the Elves and defeat Natela – the demon lurking within.

Using a teleporter in one of the sealed areas of the castle, we find ourselves out in the Dwarf Desert. After buying some new gear in Denegul and hearing about the Dwarf Cave nearby, we help Thor find his missing pendant and get an item that can break the stones guarding the cave. Supposedly, the cave holds the Moon Blade – an object of great power. It also may be where some thugs have brought Princess Felicia, so heading there seems to be of great importance.

Well, that’ll have to wait for a possible part three. Meanwhile, though, please subscribe and support my channel! 🙂

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