Comic Review: Princess Leia #5


“I delegated so I could taste adventure.”

“Last stand in the name of Alderaan! The rebel Princess leads her people against the Empire! The conclusion to Leia’s most personal mission!”

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This issue was delayed a week, coming out yesterday instead of the planned 24th. Luckily we didn’t have to wait too long for the last issue of this miniseries! Last time, “After learning that Tace, a young girl aboard The Lord Junn, has unwittingly been leaking information about their plans to her sister, Tula, a captive of the imperials, Her Majesty decides to take action. The Princess decides to turn herself in to the Empire and their Star Destroyer in exchange for Tula’s safe return. Now, on the surface of Skaradosh, Leia’s allies prepare a daring final rescue…”

The comic begins on Espirion, with Jora burning yet another bridge, then pulling Pareece along, away from rejection. Meanwhile on Skaradosh, it’s Evaan (along with Nien and R2D2) to the rescue as Leia is led away in cuffs – I knew she wouldn’t let this happen! Leia stomps on a guard’s foot, picks up a gun in the chaos, and boards the escape vessel. They’re off, with Tula in tow. Leia tells her to sit down and shut up, making it clear that she isn’t pleased with Tula’s status as an Imperial officer. The Star Destroyer pursues, but Nien fools them with a decoy. The Imperial officer who’s excited that they avenged Tarkin is drawn really creepily. They change course to go to Espirion to kill more Alderaanians; Leia says that the caravan is small enough to escape, but conveniently a massive number of Alderaanian ships has just joined the party. All she can do is order them to battle stations.

Tula is thrilled to see Tace, but Tace is pretty angry; Tula wants to go back to the way things were, but Tace isn’t having any of it. Leia speaks with Pareece and Jora, asking them to go back and ask for some backup, but Pareece informs her that they won’t be getting any help because of Jora’s attitude toward what she sees as non-pure Alderaanians. Leia is absolutely FURIOUS. Evaan calms and reassures her that she’ll do the right thing, and Leia goes on to deliver a kickass speech that I’ll let you discover for yourself. The art in this section is particularly excellent too. You obviously know that Leia survives for a few more movies and a zillion more pieces of Extended Universe, so that’s not a surprise, but the end of the issue (and series) was really well-done despite that lack of tension.

Look for Mos Eisley Comic Port’s wrap-up podcast on this series, coming soon! I’ve done a few Princess Leia script reads for the show, and I’ll be joining for the wrap-up too.

Get issue #5 from Comixology, Marvel, or your local comic book store for $3.99. What’s the next Star Wars comic you’re looking forward to? Definitely Lando’s for me! His first issue will be out on July 8, 2015. Can’t wait!

Written by: Mark Waid
Art and Cover by: Terry Dodson
22 Pages

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