Lagoon – An SNES Classic in 1440p60

Lagoon is another one of those classic action-RPGs from the 1990s that I simply never got to play much of. Released in December of 1991 in North America, players take control of Nasir, the champion of Light, who is sent by his mentor to figure out why all the water in Lakeland has gotten dark and poisonous. The game is no stranger to RPG tropes of the time, but it handles alright enough. The playstyle seems like a hybrid of Zelda and Ys, with an experience and equipment system built in to add to the mix. The graphics are decent enough (though they feel a bit “zoomed in”) and the music is solid. An upgraded version appeared on the Sharp X68000 computer system in Japan (with better music, an expanded story, and animated cutscenes, but this was sadly never translated).

In this first outing with the game, we begin our journey in the town of Atland where, after talking to all the locals and to the town’s mayor, we find out that demons have appeared in the nearby mine (called Gold Cave) and one of the villagers is trapped deep inside. After gearing up, we head into the mine, bash a lot of enemies, find a few middling treasures, and eventually save the lost villager. Then, we are given a key to a room in which a powerful demon named Samson is sealed away, and after grinding out a level and having a frustrating affair with hit boxes, we finally bring him down.

This video is experimentally produced in 2560×1440 at 60 FPS, because 1440p appears (as of this post) to be the highest resolution at which YouTube will accept 60 FPS content.

If you enjoy this one and want to see me continue it, please let me know and I’ll be happy to do so!

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