Comic Review: Archie vs. Predator #3: Victims, Mutilations, and…Milkshakes?


“The Predator has tallied his first kills from the ranks of the Riverdale gang! Can they turn the tables without Riverdale becoming a smoking ruin—and without getting detention?”

Last time, the gang was using Jughead disguised as Veronica as bait, and the Predator killed Reggie and Kevin. He’s pretty mad because Chuck…chucked…a grenade at him. As this issue begins, Jughead walks past a dead body and a wrecked car into the school, narrowly dodging a tripwire trap set by the gang. Jughead sadly reports that everyone is dead, and points out that if the Predator kills Veronica, all this will be over. Ronnie tries to call the police, but the entire police force of Riverdale (all two cars) was caught up in the Spellman mansion completely disappearing. Except for a bunch of goats, for some reason.

Three of the remaining seven survivors leave, one pointing out that “I have watched over three hundred horror movies, and teenagers of color never make it to the end.” Another one of them leaves with an “Hasta la vista, baby,” bringing up questions about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s status in Archie canon. Now, the only people left are Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Ronnie. Ronnie makes an incredibly contrived leap in order to shoehorn the AvP acronym into the story, which made me smirk. The Predator is watching them from the vents as they make their way to the AV room. Unfortunately, Jughead decides to stop at a vending machine, the Predator sneaks up behind him, and then Archie finds his severed head/spine stuffed in amongst the candy.

As the girls cry and hug Archie, Ronnie laments that school is all about dating, but no one ever picks him despite his millionaire/gentleman status. Ugh. He then reveals that he’s made an Archie bot so that he can be “amazing.” Ooookay, buddy. He wants to save the girls from the Predator so they’ll cuddle him after. Sigh. Predator thankfully jumps in to attack robo-Archie because Ronnie’s being really gross. There’s a big fight, Archie gets wounded, and, since he let his guard down, Ronnie’s head gets ripped off. Down to three. This is such a weirdo comic, I love it. Next month will bring us the exciting conclusion!

Writer: Alex de Campi
Penciller: Fernando Ruiz
Inker: Rich Koslowski
Colorist: Jason Millet
Cover Artist: Gisele Lagace
Pages: 32

Get it from Dark Horse Comics for $3.99.

[Disclaimer: A review copy was provided for me to review this comic.]

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