E3 Day Two Highlights

Hello everyone and welcome to our coverage of E3: day two! I watched streams all day long to give you the scoop on what’s going down at E3 today and have gotten the skinny on a lot of games. I’m not gonna waste too much time talking here since we’re all here for the games, so let’s get started. Here are over 20 games that we looked at on day two!



I’m not gonna lie; I’m not a huge sports game fan, but the trailer for this game looks pretty nice. Nick Channon emphasized that they were trying to have a more balanced game, with stronger emphasis on the midfield and defense than previous versions of FIFA. They’ve made improvements with control response and AI. Some people who’ve tried it at E3 have mentioned that it’s a smoother experience. One of the elements that I appreciated was that they’ve studied the foot and the different ways it connects to the ball to create more accurate shots. Also, for anyone interested in game aesthetics, I was quite impressed with the look of the field, especially the grass.

The most important element for me is that we can finally play with the women teams. This is something they discussed a few years ago, but it hasn’t really seen fruition until now. They’ve made a point in FIFA 16 of studying body types for men and women to create more accurate representations of the players. So, instead of every player using the same base with minor variations, we get short players, tall players, stocky players, and sleek players that match the real people they are based on. I’m all for any game that focuses on more realistic body representation! Now just work on getting those tattoos less “messy,” Nick Channon. 😉 The game comes out August 11th.


I can get behind FIFA 16 since I played soccer on a team once upon a time. For Madden 16, I’m pulling on my marching band history, so I’ll try my best here. There are four stadiums you play in before entering the championship stadium. They’ve upgraded throws, passes, and catches in the game. They’ve also increased the realism by making the refs and calls more true to life. As in, if you play a team with multiple players who have a history for holding calls, you’re more likely to get a holding penalty called on your team.

From an aesthetics standpoint, I could actually tell they were playing on astroturf, but the overall look is less realistic than FIFA 16. I haven’t heard from anyone who’s played this, but supposedly All-Madden level is a challenge in 16 like it hasn’t been in previous versions. If anyone’s tried the game, let us know what you think!


While waiting to see what’s up with PvZ: Garden Warfare 2, I caught the brilliant trailer for the new Star Wars game, available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Those visuals, y’all. We’ve got the classic soundtrack and sound effects, Imperial Walkers, aerials, ground combat, and just so much awesome. I don’t think I’ll be able to play this game due to my simulator sickness, but it looks amazing!


I’m not sure how I ended up covering all the sports games, but NBA Live 16 was covered today as well. So, let’s pull on my pep band knowledge and see what we’ve got! NBA Live has managed to make tattoos work for their players, and have scanned almost all NBA players to increase the accuracy of their player’s looks and movement. The dribble handoff is a new mechanic that players should enjoy. Overall, the games this year are moving towards more realistic movement and aesthetics to create a more immersive experience for the player. FIFA 16 was the most realistic, but I can definitely tell that all the sport games have made improvements, especially when it comes to artificial and natural lighting.


Oh Plants vs. Zombies, how you entertain me. PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 takes place in a dystopian world where Zomboss has taken over and plants are almost dead. The plants need to fight back to save the world! They have a new swarm mechanic in the form of weeds, who are pretty darn adorable in the trailer. There are also all new plant bosses. Overall, there are six new classes, three for zombies and three for plants. The game looks awesome and was created with an emphasis on the characters and the fun. The game is super inclusive for anyone, including gaming noobs, kids, parents, and hardcore shooter gamers. Not gonna lie, I’m looking forward to this one!


So, Nathan Fillion is in the new Halo game. I was over here, writing some stuff, when I heard Nathan Fillion talking and had to go back to the other screen to see what’s up. So yeah, Nathan Fillion is in the new Halo game, and I’m intrigued. The storyline for this game looks interesting, with a betrayal vibe of a beloved character (which I personally think will have a plot twist that proves Masterchief didn’t actually betray them). I kinda just want to watch this and see what happens, I don’t even need to play (yeah, the story is that interesting).



New characters! Cammy and Birdie are our new street fighter characters. Birdie’s definitely changed from Alpha. He’s got more skills, his headbutt has changed to no longer be a charge move, he eats in the game, and he can even throw food. From an aesthetic point, he was a typical-bodied character in outfit (athletic with muscles) and is now still muscled, but has a large beer gut.

Cammy’s had her moves updated, along with the necessary buttons for combos, to decrease the dexterity needed from the player. Cammy’s been built as a quick, offensive character, and players have more options to get into close combat for her, including Spiral Arrow. Cammy can do multiple hits on combos, fly further, and get some nice damage in. I definitely think it would be worth it to try out her fighting skills in Street Fighter V.


So we get all of our favorite characters from The Lego Movie and have them dropped into the world of Portal. If the cake is Lego cake, does that make it a double lie? Does the double lie cancel itself out and we actually get cake this time? In the run through, Batman went through a portal and ran over Gandalf in a Delorean. And the Delorean can have upgrades. We might even get the BttF 3 Time Train!

This is one of those interactive games where you can buy miniatures which will increase your content. To be clear, content won’t be locked, but you get more characters and further playable content and easter eggs with the miniatures. I would play as Scooby Doo, use the interactive panel to increase his size, and then be monster Scooby Doo for the rest of the game! Or, you know, just drive the Delorean forever.

Or, since every character can drive every vehicle, I would be Scooby Doo in the Delorean. Yes, Scooby Doo can drive. No, don’t ask me how.


#FE is a brand new JRPG from Atlas. It’s very stylized and takes elements from Fire Emblem, but is also clearly its own game, separate from previous Fire Emblem games. Singing and performance were actually very important when casting the characters for the game and, as a musical person, I’m intrigued to see how those translate in gameplay. The game has beautiful aesthetics. Battle scenes are definitely worth it in this game. I’d suggest getting your hands on it, if you can, and giving it a play through. Personally, I think Nintendo fans will love it.



YUP! I don’t know if I really need to say more. Oh wait, you can push people off cliffs. Yep, I’m so down with this game. You work together with other people, sharing your hearts and lives, solving puzzles, and fighting enemies. You can wear different outfits for different skills (the bomb suit lets you throw bigger bombs) and make your way through dungeons in typical Link fashion. But, honestly, I really want to play and just push people off of cliffs. Or pick them up and throw them off. Yay teamwork! The game comes out this fall.


Well, this is interesting. This is an immersive FPS that takes a different view than most futuristic games. We mostly get dystopian futures these days, but Rigs makes a point to make the future non-dystopian and have the shooting element of the game have more of a sports feel. Instead of killing and shooting things to survive, you’re participating in a sport and competing to win. This is an FPS on Morpheus, which gives it a unique place at E3 and should prove beneficial for Morpheus in the gaming market.


This game takes place in London in 1868, the first Assassin’s Creed game to occur so closely to our timeline. I rather enjoy the gang mechanic. You can recruit up to five people to join your gang, who will move with you and help you in your tasks, like beating a rival gang to a bloody pulp. Movement is physics driven, so when a carriage is shot up, it actually looks like a carriage getting shot up. I rather enjoy the time period chosen, as it gives it a way to appear classic in the way of the other games, but you get more potential mechanics since it’s post-Industrial Revolution.


I’m a fan of Guitar Hero. I love games where I can pretend I actually know how to play guitar well (even if I need to put it on easy mode). What I rather like about the new version is that the sound balance changes based on where you are on stage. If you’re by the drums, you get more percussion; at the front of the stage, you hear the crowd more. Also, you don’t fail out of a song, not matter how horrible you are at it. Sure, the crowd may boo you the whole time, but you get to play the entire song. I like this element, because then at least I can see what the entire song looks like and improve faster.The guitar controller has also changed towards a sleeker design, with six buttons in rows of three. I much prefer this since I couldn’t play harder than medium difficulty on the old guitars due to my incredibly tiny hands (there was no way my pinky would reach, it just wasn’t possible). This also allows for more difficult game play on expert level. The GHTV element is also epic and worth picking up the game on its own, in my opinion.



Wow. This game. Society fell, people retreated to caves, robots exist, and nature encroaches on the previous cities. The robots are animalistic and have similarities to various creatures over time, from dinosaur-esque to ice age depictions. Some even appear deer-like as well. The aesthetics are amazing, from the basic vegetation to battle play, and the protagonist is a woman. A badass, robot-hunting woman who can use resources to make who knows what. Depending on the control reaction time, I think this game will do very well, and I’m excited to see how the storyline evolves. It should be out some time early next year.


This 3DS game apparently has a castle building mode. You make a choice early in the game between two very different experiences. Not just different versions, but completely different maps and experiences. It’s a whole different storyline depending on what you choose! You can play male or female, so I always like that and, for the first time in Fire Emblem, you’re either the prince or princess. You can either play classic or casual depending on whether you want your characters to have permadeath (classic) or want them to come back after their death (casual). Clearly there’s a lot of replayability with all the choices in the game. Protip: The Noor path is more difficult than Hoshido, so maybe start on Hoshido if you’re new to tactical RPGs or Fire Emblem. That being said, Hoshido will still be difficult, but apparently not as soul-crushing as Noor. The game will come out next year.


This game was launched on PC in December, but is now available on Xbox One. Apparently there are hundreds of worlds to explore in this game and you basically just go wherever you want. You can play in-game with friends or just go it alone. I like the idea of this game a lot. Unfortunately, I had to stop watching because my simulator sickness was acting up. If you don’t suffer from stupid simulator sickness, pick up this game when it comes out or just start playing on PC. There’s so many play styles and so many things to do that it can entertain for months on end.



I’m a Nintendo fan. That should be obvious with how often I talk about my “Pokémon machines.” This games takes the cake when it comes to crochet-bombing. You basically crochet-bomb the entire world. You collect yarn and use it to help defeat enemies and travel on windmills. It’s basically super adorable. You can play with friends and there are a bunch of different character skins. The game’s adorable and kinda gives me the horrible thought that I should pick up crocheting. I really shouldn’t do that, but I should probably pick up this game when it comes out this October.


There was a lot of information about this game. The AIs react to what you do in the environment to add more of a challenge to game play. You disarm bombs and fight terrorists with friends. I’m not an FPS fan, so it’s not my cup of tea, but it looks enjoyable for people who are into that.


Guys, it’s Lego. It’s Marvel. It’s Avengers. It’s gonna be good. You get to go through the plots of both Avengers movies, so I’m sold.


Clearly, a lot of the mechanisms in this game are similar to previous Arkham games. However, there are some different elements that should be noted. Stealth is more boss, with the ability to chain down more enemies, and there are timed missions. The AI also learns your tactics, so it’s important not to focus on any one tactic for too long. Like the previous game iterations, Batman stays true to his detective roots by needing to solve various cases, using things like forensic science, which is a big plus for me. Something that gamers will greatly appreciate is the complete lack of loading screens. There’s not a single loading screen in the entire game.

ANNO 2205

Anno 2205 is a city-building game, like all Annos, but much more futuristic than previous versions. Basically, you build your own metropolis on the earth and moon in the year 2205. As the leader of your own corporation, you’re in a race with other corporations to reach the moon first. The creative director describes it as “a real sandbox game” where you basically create everything. I want to play. I’m not really a huge Sims fan, but I’d love to build a futuristic city in Anno 2205. It’s got some wonderful aesthetics, people. It’s out November 3rd.



Until Dawn is a horror game where you are stranded on a mountain top with a bunch of people and try to survive. Apparently anyone can die; nothing’s set in stone in this game. The aesthetics are beautiful. As I’m writing this, I’m looking at a beautiful herd of angry deer that are trying to kill the characters. There’s practically infinite replayability here, which makes this very interesting and a must for gamers who like focus on stories, horror, and their decisions influencing more of the outcome than whether you simply win or lose. Personally, horror terrifies me; like, I watched parts of the Dawn of the Dead remake and had nightmares every night for six months straight, so I won’t be picking this up, but I recognize that this should be a good game.


This Kickstarted platformer game has MegaMan. They’ve add a dash feature which increases the player’s ability to move through the levels, which is pretty awesome. I’m a fan of platformers, so I’m definitely interested in trying this one out. It should be coming out somewhere around September 15th. Apparently, the team is down to ironing out some bugs and glitches before it’s ready to go, so that’s great to hear.


Battleborn takes place when there’s only one star left in the universe with some people fighting over it and some working together to survive. The bad guy of the game, the Verellsi, is basically what the developers imagine as the personification as dark matter and energy, aka the things making our universe accelerate its expansion and basically destroying it. There are 25 playable characters in this game. Seriously. So, its got an interesting storyline, a lot of variability, and pretty decent aesthetics. Many who’ve tried it have stated that Battleborn is their favorite from E3 2015 so far, so do your best to check it out when it comes out.

Okay, that’s it for day two! Make sure to check out all of our other E3 coverage! What game are you most looking forward to? What’s your preferred console? Any predictions for games? Let us know in the comments!

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