The Whispers – ABC’s New Summer Mystery


After seeing promos for ABC’s The Whispers for the past bit, I decided to give it a chance, because the general premise seemed interesting to me: what if the imaginary friend that some children had proved not to be as imaginary as we thought? And what if this “friend” is actually plotting something very sinister and using children to carry out its wishes?

As the show starts out, FBI Agent/Child Specialist Claire Bennigan (played by Lily Rabe) is asked to investigate a situation where a little girl caused her mother to fall from a treehouse, nearly killing her in the process. The girl, who says nothing at first, later mentions that her friend “Drill” told her to do it and that they were playing a “game” of some sort. At first, the FBI dismisses this and believes the girl is disturbed, but Claire insists that there’s more to Drill than it seems. Soon, they operate under the assumption that he’s real, but perhaps convinces children that he’s just part of their imagination.

Already, just two episodes in, there are a lot of running plots. Claire, a widowed mother raising a deaf child, lost her Air Force husband in a crash somewhere over the arctic, but we soon find out that his plane actually landed in Libya and that he might not be as dead as they thought. Moreover, what caused the plane to crash appears alien in origin, and this will likely be something we find out more as the show continues. We’ve already begun to see that whoever or whatever Drill is, it appears to be targeting the children of government personnel, wanting them to access classified information or even destroy certain targets. What Drill is and what Drill’s motives are certainly aren’t clear to us, but this will likely be what’s teased out throughout this first season. Also, the appearance of who appears to be Claire’s husband will give us even more questions to answer.

So far, the show’s off to a good start. A lot of questions are posed, and it’ll remain to be seen if The Whispers actually will follow through with it all in a satisfactory manner. But, the show is loosely based on Ray Bradbury’s Zero Hour, so there’s certainly some hope for it to succeed!

The Whispers airs on ABC Mondays at 10:00PM Eastern.

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