13 Nerdy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Have no fear! From the tech dads to the superhero fathers and everyone in between, I’ve got you covered. Celebrate the men in your life who have boldly chartered new territory aboard the SS Parenthood. Here are 13 Father’s Day gift ideas for all those wonderful, nerdy dads.

1. A Jurassic Double-Feature for the Dino-Digging Dad


Jurassic Park Blu-ray, Best Buy $9.99+

If the dad in your life saw Jurassic Park when he was younger and still believes dinosaurs will roam once more, you can’t go wrong here. Witness the glee in his eyes as you watch the classic sci-fi adventure together on Blu-ray. Then take pops out to see Jurassic World. Prehistoric terrors and buttery popcorn are perfect for family bonding.

2. For All Those Marvel-ous Fathers

Men’s Marvel Avengers T-Shirt, Target $10.00+

Men’s Marvel Avengers T-Shirt, Target $10.00+

Your dad loves comics? Then he’ll appreciate this vintage-style tee featuring his favorite Marvel superheros. The Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man, and more, all together? Gift giving doesn’t get any easier than this!

3. Plates for Your Planet Lovin’ Papa


Planet Plates, Unemployed Philosophers Guild $38.95

Yes, melamine can be beautiful, and these watercolor portraits-turned-plates are your proof. Did your dad soak up Cosmos last year? Then these are a must-have. He’ll love using all eight (yes, eight) Planet Plates.

4. Know A Star Wars Family Man?


Star Wars™ Vader Stripe Long John Pajama Top In Organic Cotton, Hanna Andersson $44

Darth Vader has never been associated with cozy. Until now. Hanna Andersson has some of the softest, most resilient pajamas around. Give dad, or even the whole family, “the best sleepwear in the galaxy” with the Star Wars™ Vader Stripe Long John Pajama sets.

5. A Steampunk Pa’s Necessity

Cryptex- Steampunk USB Drive, ThinkGeek $49.99

Cryptex- Steampunk USB Drive, ThinkGeek $49.99

The Cryptex USB drive is probably the classiest flash drive you’ll find. It features a mechanical combination lock that protects your data while offering 16 GB of memory. With a steampunk aesthetic inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches, any techie would proudly hang this from their keychain. Includes a bonded leather strap and velvet pouch, which means no gift wrap necessary!

6. For the Father who is Prepared for Real Walkers


The Walking Dead “Dale Bucket Hat,” $19.99

Is your dad ready for the zombie apocalypse? Help protect his scalp as he tills the land in his self-sustaining garden with the Dale Bucket Hat. After he shows you his stockpile of canned corn, binge watch The Walking Dead on Netflix with him.

7. Dedicated to the Daredevil Dads


Daredevil Polo, ThinkGeek Exclusive $23.99+

Did your dad stay awake watching Daredevil for the entire weekend after the series was released? Look no more, this polo was made for him.

8. Something for Your Coffee-Drinking, Crossword-Loving Grandpa


A Way With Crosswords Mug, ModCloth $14.99

Does a grandfather in your life doze off while completing crosswords in his recliner? No, just mine? Well, any wordsmith will appreciate having his cup of coffee in this endlessly fun mug! Includes a pencil, clues on the box, and instructions for new puzzles each month.

9. For the Sharp-Dressed Hero


DC Comics Silvertone Oval Batman Logo Cufflinks, Bed Bath & Beyond $52.99

He dresses like Bruce Wayne but would rather be wearing a Batsuit. Get him this set of Batman cufflinks from DC Comics, and he’ll actually look forward to suiting up in twill instead of Kevlar.

10. Marty McFly Daddy-O


Back to the Future Time Machine Mark I Car, Forbidden Planet NYC $53.99+

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” If your dad has quoted this on more than one occasion before embarking on a car ride, it’s your destiny to get him his very own DeLorean. This 1/18th scale Back to the Future Time Machine Mark I Car replica with fully-detailed moving parts is 14 inches long and infinitely awesome.

11. So Your Father’s a Timelord


Fathers Are Cool Doctor Who Card, A Spotted Butterfly $5

Geronimo! Your Timelord father may not have much need for presents. How does one top a Sonic Screwdriver after all? Still, this handmade card is one any Whovian will surely adore.

12. Gamer Dad-To-Be


Future Gamer Bodysuit, Uncommon Goods $22

You can’t forget the dads-to-be on Father’s Day! Super-soft, organic cotton means not only will gamer daddy love showing off his new addition in this outfit, but his little noob will be comfy as can be.

13. For Any and All Geek Dads


Periodic Table of Elements Father Keychain, Lark and Juniper $26.00

Father in elemental symbols? Way cool! Here is your answer for the geek dad who has everything. Don’t wait another minute, head over to Lark and Juniper to order this epic hand-stamped periodic table keychain now!

Happy Father’s Day to all the awesomely nerdy dads out there!


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