Terranigma (4K) — Finally Meeting Dr. Beruga?!

Having gotten through Dragoon Castle in the previous installment and freed up supply shipping back to the New World, we return to Nirlake to visit Will, who’s used his newly-bought scrap metal to rebuild his airplane. Now, we finally have the power to reach a few areas we simply couldn’t before, so we fly over to Mosque to see what’s going on there. Although Mosque might imply some sort of Middle Eastern theme, it’s actually a strange city with a cult who worships a man named Dr. Beruga as if he was a god. Speaking to their elders, we learn that Beruga lies “sleeping” in a castle to the south, so naturally, that’s our next destination.

This “castle” is actually a lab of some sort, and serves as our next dungeon for the game. Inside, we deal with maze-like rooms, fight robotic entities, and discover a computer that talks about the “End of the World.” This, in fact, dates the game as being long after Illusion of Gaia, sometime in our Earth’s future. It’s not fully clear what happened, but our strange companion Yomi seems to know something about it (he knows the root password to Beruga’s computer, which seems odd). In the deepest floor, after facing a guardian robot, we get to meet Dr. Beruga…but is he who his followers believe he is?

Watch, and find out! Meanwhile, I’ve got some other great content in the works, so don’t forget to subscribe!

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