The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 7, Ep. 18: An Ethical World?

Seasons of this podcast seem to come and go quickly, and somehow we’ve already reached the end of the line for season seven! This season has had a very solid run, in my opinion, and since January we’ve managed to sneak in a total of 18 episodes covering a wide range of topics! I feel like the show has grown and evolved some, and I think season eight (which will hopefully finally be available on iTunes!) will be something to really look forward to. 🙂

Meanwhile, for this season’s finale, my good friend and long-time supporter of the podcast, Jeremy Stratton, joins me to talk about two very important topics. First, we talk about the fact that our rating system for reviews of video games and other media is “broken” (spoiled by an academic way of thinking of grades). Then, we move on to another detailed discussion about journalistic integrity and ethical journalism, make light mention of Kotaku and other places, and get into the reasons why “ethics policies” shouldn’t be necessary on websites (rather, they should be inherent), but that recent events have necessitated everyone laying all these cards out on the table. Good, or bad? Listen in and see what you think! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Both of these topics stem from recent discussions involved in the creation of our soon-to-be-launched indie and retro-gaming website Zero Friction and, as we talk about on the show, it’ll be ready very soon and all of us who are involved in the creation of the site are very proud of what we’ve accomplished!

Season eight should kick off in late-August or sometime in September, so be on the lookout! Meanwhile, you can download the MP3 or grab the RSS feed from this link.

Tell us what you think!

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