The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 7, Ep. 17: Too Indie for Ya?

As we approach the end of season seven of the show, I want to allow this season to go out with a bang. Leading up to this, I’ve invited long-time friend of the show and a great personal friend of mine, Warren C. Bennett, to join me here for another long, but very fun and varied episode!

In this session, Warren and I start off by discussing the relative success of Shakespeare Goes Punk, which he contributed to earlier this year. We then move on to talk about the idea of “gaming fatigue” (and the odd idea of getting that from watching Let’s Play videos), the upcoming Zero Friction website and our thoughts and plans for it, retrogaming as a whole, our thoughts on indie gaming and what defines an “indie game,” a few other random gaming topics (such as Shroud of the Avatar), our current gaming adventures, and his recent love for the PlayStation 4!

Stay tuned, as episode 18 (due in a week or two) will mark the closing of season seven…and will be the 99th episode of the show!

To grab the MP3 of this episode or snag the RSS, head this way.

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