The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 7, Ep. 15: Remakes and Reflections

This time around on the podcast, I spend a bit talking about my latest “obsession” – taking older games on the GameCube, Wii, and PlayStation 2 and, through the magic of high-powered emulations and modern hardware, rendering them at Ultra HD resolutions at a full 60 FPS with additional filters that make amazing, crisp visuals. Of course, all of this has been done using the Dolphin and PCSX2 emulators, and I talk about the processes involved with all of that.

Then, after a short musical intermission, I return to talk about the recent death of Rachel Bryk and what her passing means for the Equal Rights movement. I actually wrote a more in-depth piece on this earlier, but I still feel that it deserves mention on the show.

For those of you who want an MP3 of the episode to stream or download, or who would like to snag the RSS feed for the show, head this way.

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