Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows – Lookin’ Good 10 Years Later!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been on a kick where I like to see what different older games can look like once they’ve been run through some powerful emulation tools and rendered at the highest possible quality on my powerful desktop. When it comes to experimenting with this for the PlayStation 2, the PCSX2 emulator is definitely the way to go. For me, I tend to run the PS2 games rendered by an internal resolution factor of sixteen (4x the native resolution in each dimension) with anti-aliasing and other filters in play.

The results? Well, I think they speak for themselves, especially when compared to standard 640×448 uploads available on YouTube.

In this particular case, I opened up a copy of Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows (from 2005) and gave it a go in PCSX2. This was mainly a random selection, but since it was from 2005, I expected it to have a bit better visual quality compared to some earlier PS2 titles. Also, this is an interesting game because it’s billed as a direct sequel to Gauntlet II, starring the characters from that title after having been sealed away for some time and the empire in which they live having gone into ruin and despair.

My opinion: It’s a good game, but it isn’t a great one. I enjoyed playing it, and the gameplay was decent enough, but I don’t feel a compulsion to sit down and finish it.

Anyway, I’m impressed with PCSX2. In fact, I highly recommend you give it a try yourself!

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