Demonicon: The Dark Eye – A New Long Play Adventure!

A little while ago, my good friend Greg, owner and manager of Destroy All Fanboys, alerted me to a bundle that had a lot of awesome games in it for dirt cheap. One of the many games in that bundle was Demonicon: The Dark Eye, a PC game that was released in 2013 by Kalypso Media (available on Steam) and was ported to major consoles in 2014. I actually had no idea what this game was other than that it looked kind of like The Witcher to me, and I was quite intrigued by it.

A couple friends quickly pointed out to me that The Dark Eye was a very popular RPG setting in Europe, particularly in Germany. Even though the game has garnered mixed reviews outside of that region, quite a few have said that this game was actually quite enjoyable for them. If anything, I thought that it was unfair for people to say the game was “the poor man’s Witcher,” and I wanted to give it a fair shake.

And so, we arrive here at the beginning of a brand-new Long Play series!

In this initial video, I take a few moments to have a face-to-face with you all about my thoughts on the game and to get us started on a more personal note, and then we jump right into the story. The game starts us off as Cairon, a young man who has been led into Moloch Mountain in search of his sister, who has gone missing not long before her wedding. From there, we learn the basics of the game while getting involved in a quest to stop a madman from cannibalizing townspeople in order to increase the strength of his tainted blood magic. And, we learn that mixing one’s blood might not always be a great thing.

So far, I like the engaging storyline and dialogue, and the graphics are decent enough. I’m not a huge fan of the slow-motion combat, but I’ll get over that.

Hopefully you guys enjoy this beginning to a longer series on this game. Let me know what you think and, as always, subscribe and share the love!

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