The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 7, Ep. 9: Steam Stream

It’s been a while since Jeremy Stratton has been on the podcast (Season 4, back in November 2013), but in this episode, I have the pleasure of having him make his return to the show as my guest! Jeremy’s had a lot going on in his life, but he’s recently gotten back into the gaming and media world a bit, keeping his Twitter and Google+ profiles active and getting back into Let’s Play content.

This episode goes all over the place in spots, but one of the main things we made a point to discuss was Steam’s new broadcasting service they’ve built into the client. Jeremy talks about his basic understanding of how it works and what some of the future features might be, and we discuss things we’d love to see added to the overall Steam experience (local videos, anyone?).

Eventually, we plan to record an episode about Net Neutrality for the podcast, but that’ll be something you’ll just have to look forward to. Expect a bit of that topic coming in episode ten, with a new first-time guest!

Music for this episode comes from an obscure Castlevania clone for the Japanese PC-98 called Rusty (C-Lab, 1993) – a game definitely worth checking out!

To stream or download an MP3 of this episode, head this way.

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