Nintendo Announces Mobile Gaming and Nintendo NX


For years, there’s been a large group of people who have been very insistent that Nintendo would do well to take their beloved franchises on the road and introduce them into the smartphone market. After all, they said, sales of Nintendo consoles weren’t doing all that great. Yet, the fact is that the Nintendo 3DS has actually done quite well, and even now, sales of the Wii U are starting to pick back up. A new Legend of Zelda title is coming to the Wii U, and there’s a lot of new, exciting content planned for the New 3DS, which launched back in February.

That doesn’t mean that the idea didn’t have some merit. But now, there’s some official backing behind it. On March 17, Nintendo announced a new partnership that would allow them to redefine what a “Nintendo platform” actually was. Their vision is a service that will connect phones, tablets, and computers with dedicated game consoles like the (New) Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and another upcoming platform codenamed the NX.

It appears that Nintendo’s partnership with DeNA will result in an evolution of the recently-discontinued Club Nintendo. They want to make a service that flows across multiple devices, giving you quality Nintendo hits no matter where you are or what you have with you. Also, they seemed clear that the smart device portion of their vision won’t be simple ports, but rather new, exciting content developed with those devices in mind. I’d wager the same is true for whatever they plan to do on the PC side of the house.

As for the Nintendo NX, they stated that new information would come in 2016. Hopefully this doesn’t have anything to do with the “Quality of Life” idea they were unclear about or, if it is that, hopefully it’s a true successor to the Wii and Wii U. Stay tuned, as I’m sure more information is coming soon!

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