Zelda: Sword of Moria (Demo 2.5) Playthrough — Part 1!

For a while now, people have been asking me to share some videos that would showcase what my work-in-progress fan game, Zelda: Sword of Moria, is like in action. Very recently, I released Demo 2.5 (a private build that adds some things since the public 2.0 update), so this felt like a really good opportunity to get some video recording of the game done!

Here, I show you the current in-game intro when you begin a new game, then pick up where we left off at the end of my Demo 1.0 playthrough, with Link having returned to the small town of Sinder to meet with his parents and get a sword from his father (at last!). Given the length of this update, I had to break the video recording up into two parts, so in the first part, we explore Sinder and a large portion of Eastern Calatia, gather some needed items and upgrades, and make our way into the mountains to Eldin Shrine. After beating the mid-boss and realizing we cannot progress further, we go to the Great Thicket and locate the Roc’s Well, where the Roc’s Feather is hidden (as you probably guessed!). Finally, we gather a couple more items from the overworld and return to Eldin Shrine to visit the upper floors and rescue Princess Zelda!

The second video will focus on a bit more exploration of new areas and then the new dungeon of Caltaka Roo, a great pyramid in the western part of Calta Canyon. Stay tuned!

If you want to give the latest public demo (2.0, which features the content from this particular video in it) a shot, click the link to download a copy to try out!

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