Terranigma Episode 3 – Saving the Tree of Life

When we last left off, Ark had resurrected all of the people of his underground village of Crysta and then followed the Elder’s advice and jumped through the mystical rift that took him to Earth’s ravaged surface. Not sure of where to go, we explore the immediate area around the crater we appeared at, then go towards the nearest major landmark – a giant tree. It turns out the tree, called the “Ra Tree,” is the source of all plant life for the planet, but it’s under siege by parasites living within its cavernous insides.

We manage to explore the Ra Tree (the surface’s first major dungeon) and defeat the parasite, which restores greenery to the planet. After talking to all the sentient plants and buying some new equipment, we travel to North America, where it appears we’ll need to revive the birds that are sealed away.

Fun times so far…all in excellent 4K resolution!

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