Spoiler-Free Review: Gotham: Episode 17: Red Hood

gotham red hood

“Your appearance can be a weapon, as powerful as any knife or gun.”
“Yeah? What good’s it done you?” 

Previously on Gotham, Bruce went to a board meeting and laid down his conditions, Barbara came back but was upset when she sees Jim and Lee making out, we meet who is probably teenage Joker (having killed his mother, surprise surprise), Fish makes moves in the prison, and John Grayson and Mary Lloyd get engaged, bringing us closer to baby Robin.

This episode opens with a bank robbery; one of the robbers is wearing a red hood. He insists that they’re here for the bank’s money and not the civilians’, a security guard shoots him six times but he remains unscathed. He’s convinced the hood protected him. On the way out, he flings money to people on the street to cause a distraction. Someone from Alfred’s past shows up, Reggie. They haven’t seen each other in twenty years; they served together in the Special Air Service.

Fish meets the leader of the organ-harvesting gang, who seems to wants to get in her good graces. The club is out of booze, but Maroni controls the entire half of town where the club is and refuses to re-supply. Reggie and Bruce have a training session that Alfred doesn’t approve of. I really like the relationship building between Barbara, Selina, and Ivy – Barbara likes having them at her apartment, which is probably so she won’t be lonely. She gives the girls dresses to try on that she doesn’t want anymore.

I think this show has really grown over its season; it’s gotten stronger in the last handful of episodes by far. I’m glad that the original order of 16 episodes was extended to a full 22.

Watch Gotham Mondays at 8pm EST on FOX. Next week, episode 18: Everyone Has A Cobblepot

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