New 4K Terranigma Vid!

My previous Terranigma video was met with some great comments about the production value and overall quality of the video, even on 1080p or under screens, so I’m very happy to share this second video with you!

Last time around, Ark opened a mysterious box that resulted in most of his home village of Crysta being frozen and thus having to embark beyond the town walls at the will of his Elder to seek out five towers with the power to restore balance to their world. The underworld in which Ark and the people of Crysta live seems desolate, yet beautiful, and the towers stand as something strange and out of place. Yet, not only does visiting them seem to save the people of the town, it unlocks continents in the world above.

We finished two towers in part one, so this time around, we visit the remaining three towers, say our goodbyes to the people of Ark’s village, and embark on a journey to Earth’s surface in a dismal and distant time into the future (long after the events of Illusion of Gaia).

With the game’s first chapter out of the way, we can now look forward to exploring the surface world and embarking on another quest to save the world from its stasis-like state.

As always, please subscribe and, more importantly, enjoy!

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