Kickstarter: Vidar – An RPG Puzzler Where Everyone Dies


Vidar is an RPG puzzler currently on Kickstarter that’s SUPER close to goal. Here’s the plot:

Vidar is dying. The former capital of a kingdom is now reduced to a shell of a town. A city that once saw wealth and war sees now only storms, famine, sickness and death. Now a new threat has emerged, a terrible beast with an appetite for those who still live. So long as this Beast is left to feast on the remaining villagers, Vidar’s days are numbered. You play as the Stranger, a character who was lost in a snowstorm and made it into town at a time when no one can leave. Now trapped, the Stranger fights alongside the remaining townsfolk to stop the Beast before it kills every last person. Each night, another citizen is killed – you’ll have only 24 days before Vidar is gone.”

The game is focused on storytelling and puzzles, and everything is randomized. This kinda reminds me of Town of Salem, but in a single-player scenario instead. Rewards range from the $1 level to the $800 level. $20 will get you the game, beta access, and an issue of RETRO magazine. The Kickstarter page contains links for both the Windows and Mac demos, so you can check it out before you back it. Vidar was included in a few indie showcases: MAGFest 13, Boston Festival of Indie Games, and NYC Light 2015. It’s being created by a three-person team: Dean Razavi (designer), Becca Bair (artist), and Adrian Jakubiak (music). Vidar is being created in RPG Maker VX Ace.


I played the demo, and I’m really interested in what’s happening. I played through two events: one in which someone’s son had gone into a cave to fight the Beast, and one in which someone’s house was burning down. Both of these are triggered by an exact set of circumstances within the town. I really love that everything is contingent on who’s alive in town and what they’re thinking about. The only thing I didn’t like was the first puzzle – it’s one of those where you can only slide in one direction unless you hit a rock or some other barrier. They would be better if they weren’t timed, but I understand why they’re timed in both circumstances. I hope this game gets made, because I’m really interested in the world building that can take place and the potential for replay.

Vote for them on Greenlight here, visit the official site, follow on Facebook, and follow on Twitter. Back them on Kickstarter! They’re so close!

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