Geeky Engagement Rings

There are a lot of exciting events in a person’s life, and one of those is finding your soulmate to have and to hold. Weddings capture the personality of two individuals joining together, and geeks are putting their passions into their big days, starting with the shining symbol of commitment that is the engagement ring. Geeks are carrying over their fandoms into the ring to be worn by their beloved (or by themselves, in the case of wedding bands). Rings are being crafted by jewelers to represent whatever the couple desires and being carried in wonderfully geeky cases. Here are some of my favorite geeky engagement rings that I’ve come across thanks to my latest obsession, When Geeks Wed.


This is a beautiful Mass Effect-inspired band with diamonds set to represent stars and made from black rhodium to symbolize space.



Jeweler Takaya Mizuno crafted these gorgeous Legend of Zelda-inspired rings to adorn the finger of a princess. The ring uses white gold, diamonds, and yellow gold which bring a regal feel to the design.


This ring is inspired by Tony Stark’s arc reactor: It’s “14K white gold, blackened by black rhodium which gives it a very unique appearance and contrast. The center stone is aquamarine surrounded by princess-cut diamonds.”


The ring resembles a certain time-traveling space ship manned by an alien with two hearts. This TARDIS has glittering gems and cuts to mirror the front of the infamous blue police box.


Last but not least, a wonderful Superman ring with a pink sapphire and white diamond for the stones. The design is subtle enough to make fantastic jewelry, but iconic enough to symbolize the Man of Steel.


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