The Retro Play Show #50: Mega Man 4 (NES)

Series Three of The Retro Play Show kicks off with a 50th episode special, featuring my great friend Warren C. Bennett as a special guest co-host! This time around, we take on Mega Man 4, a classic for the Nintendo Entertainment System, released stateside in January 1992!

Mega Man 4 is a great entry into the classic series for several reasons. First, it introduced the concept of a “fake bad guy” with Dr. Cossack who (spoiler alert!) it turns out was being duped by Dr. Wily, who was holding his daughter Kalinka prisoner and forcing him to build bad robots for him. This game also introduces the Mega Buster, which allows Mega Man to charge up his arm cannon to release much more powerful attacks against his foes.

Warren and I had a lot of fun hanging out and chatting during the episode, and I hope you guys will enjoy watching it! As always, please subscribe to me on YouTube and follow me on Twitch!

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