The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Galavant

So I know, Galavant premiered last week. Why are we reviewing it this week? Well, honestly, I was a little overwhelmed when I saw the premiere and wasn’t sure how I felt. So, I decided to give it a week, re-watch the two hour premiere, and then watch the third episode before reviewing.

If you’re unfamiliar with Galavant, it’s a new comedic TV series that makes fun of traditional romance stories in a medieval musical. It’s a comedy musical television series that follows the “epic” adventures of Galavant (Joshua Sasse), a stereotypical chivalrous knight. Think A Knight’s Tale meets the musical episode of Scrubs.


The first five minutes truly set this show apart from other series. First, you immediately get introduced through a narration song to Galavant and the fact that this will not be a traditional show. Galavant seems to be the typical chauvinist. He’s a knight, he “has it all,” and when he goes to rescue his lady love from the evil King Richard (Timothy Omundson), he speaks for her (instead of asking) about how she will choose him and love.

And that’s where it takes a turn. Galavant’s love, Medalena (Mallory Jansen), chooses money over him, and Galavant’s world gets completely shaken. We actually get to see a hero character experience anxiety and other negative human emotions. Galavant really struggles after the first five minutes, which makes him a more approachable character.

Without going into too much detail (spoilers), I enjoyed this show. It’s a good mix between quirky and funny, and offers a decent plot that could prove entertaining for some time. The songs aren’t Broadway, but they aren’t meant to be. Alan Menken, the composer of The Little Mermaid, teamed up with Glenn Slater to create the score for this show. The songs are decent and work well in a series like this, as does the singing of the characters. I must admit, I enjoy when an actor can actually sing.


I quite enjoyed King Richard’s song about what he’d like to do to Galavant. It’s a perfect mix of morbid and perky, much like King Richard. Omundson’s voice is also a great match for the tone of the song. Honestly, Omundson’s just great at the role, which is typical of him based on his previous work (i.e. Carlton Lassiter on Psych). King Richard is definitely a standout for me in this show.


Overall, Galavant is enjoyable, though not overly engaging. If you enjoyed the musical episode of Scrubs, the musical episode of Buffy, or A Knight’s Tale, you’ll probably enjoy this show. Personally, I’ll probably be tuning in for next week’s episode.

Score: 7.5/10

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