Golvellius: The Second Quest Continues with Allahweh!

While I thought this game started out a tad on the easy side at first, as I continue to play Golvellius: The Second Quest, I find that the difficulty ramps up quickly. The first two dungeons weren’t bad at all, but the third introduced a whole new slew of difficulty. In fact, it took me a while longer than it should have to realize that you needed to enter the dungeon from another location in order to continue your progress – a theme that’s built on again in the fourth dungeon.

Here, you’ll see two videos of my progress in this game. The first of the two is considerably longer and consists of the third, fourth, and fifth dungeons, as well as a lot of exploration of the overworld. The next video focuses mostly on the sixth dungeon, as well as tracking down the game’s most powerful sword.

The fourth video, which you can expect in the near future, will wrap up this sub-series. It may seem premature, but you’ll understand why!

Tell us what you think!

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