Zelda: Origin and Rayman 2 w/ Allahweh!

The Legend of Zelda: Origin is a fan game designed using the Zelda Classic engine and finalized back in 2012 by DarkFlameWolf. In fact, this game appears to be her final custom fan game using the engine. And, in many ways, this is a fitting project to go out on.

Origin is a complete re-imagining of the NES classic, with the overworld and dungeons sharing the same layout, but drastically changed in terms of features, mechanics, and pretty much everything else other than grid locations. Each dungeon yields two treasures and features challenges that were never possible in the original game. There are tons of secrets to discover, mini-games to play, interesting NPCs, and much more. This game is truly worth the download!

My journey through Rayman 2: The Great Escape for the Nintendo 64 picks up where we last left off – somewhere deep inside the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire. Here, our platforming skills are put to the test as we ride a strange plum-like fruit through tunnels filled with flaming lava, eventually making our way to the center of the temple and claiming a second mask after much frustration.

The stage that follows puts our skills to the test again by making us ride missiles through dangerous terrain, all while having to press buttons to unlocked timed gates along the way. Crazy times!

The conclusion to Zelda: Origin is coming very soon. Meanwhile, there’s a lot more great content to check out, so take a look at my YouTube channel!

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