Getting Deeper into Torchlight and Rayman 2!

So far, Torchlight has proven to be a very enjoyable game. This is probably due to my affinity for classic Gauntlet games back in the day, but compared to some of the games I’ve been playing lately, it’s been refreshing to get into this one.

This time around, we spend a bit of time going through the special portal in town to go on a side quest to search for hidden items for the treasure collector. Not only is this fun, but it also helps build up our experience levels a fair bit, which in turn makes the main areas a bit easier. As far as that goes, once we finish with the side quest, we head deeper into the mountainous caverns, reaching the ancient Estherian civilization’s ruins and beginning a search for runes to open the way forward. However, given how long it takes to hunt them down, I wrap the video up part-way through, so you’ll have to stay tuned for Chapter IV to see where things go next!

Last time I did some Rayman 2, we finally got ourselves out of the Cave of Bad Dreams and back onto our main search for the Masks. This leads us through the Canopy, Whale Bay, and into the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire. The sanctuary is pretty tough though, and presents us with a new series of platforming puzzles. So, we make it part way into the area and I get frustrated and quit.

Stay tuned for episode five to see where things take us!

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