Castlevania: Lament of Innocence – Parts 2 and 3 from Allahweh!

Things get interesting as we take on the Undead Parasite – the boss of the House of Sacred Remains – and finally obtain our first Orb. We then explore the rest of the area, notice a few errors in the game (a date of 1324 on a crypt despite the game being set in 1094), and then head to the Ghostly Theater. After a bug that requires fixing, we continue and then head to the Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab, where we complete pretty much the whole zone, leaving things off with an upcoming boss fight for part three!

As expected, the boss of the Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab proves to be a Golem. Unlike the Parasite before, this boss isn’t a pushover, and requires either a lot of healing or careful dodging of his attacks. After a bit of effort (and a death), I manage to take him down and get the Red Orb.

However, a walkthrough tells me that there’s an optional boss fight in the Lab that will give us a special weapon if we win, so I head to where it is…only to become incredibly frustrated with some tricky jumps you have to make to reach the hidden door. Even then, this optional boss is a Flame Elemental and he is toughVery tough. He’s far harder than any boss fought so far. Victory is achieved after many different attempts (and some save-state abuse) and me having to learn to dodge away from select attacks, but the Flame Whip is our reward.

Next, I take us to the Palace of Dark Waterfalls and we get partway through it. I guess we’ll push forward in part four!

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