Comic Review: Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy #6


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Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy #6 is the final issue of this mini-series. Last time, Farrow and the T-800 teamed up to free Dr. Elise Fong. They had to fight through a whole lot of bad guys (and cheap Terminator imitations) to do it, but they got her out. However, the T-800 promised that once Dr. Fong was rescued, he would have to kill them both. I can’t say much about the plot without spoiling how the story ends, but I was disappointed in the ending. I did, however, enjoy the final showdown, and there’s a few panels of iconic imagery in there. The drawings continue to be just a bit off, especially in the faces of the women, and this time some of the text was almost too small to read. I know they’re whispering, but I shouldn’t have to zoom in to see the lettering. I’m curious to see if there might be a follow-up miniseries; there’s certainly room for one. Ultimately, I enjoyed Enemy of My Enemy for its women main characters, but the plot wasn’t always enough to pull me in.

If you want to get all six of the issues together, there’s a trade paperback coming out February 11, 2015.


“Betrayed by humanity and battered by a machine, ex-CIA operative Farrow Greene engages in the final showdown with her new and old enemies! Greene must put it all on the line in order to preserve the life of biologist Elise Fong, but can her skills match the T-800’s raw, tireless brutality?”

Writer: Dan Jolley
Penciller: Jamal Igle
Inker: Ray Snyder
Colorist: Wes Dzioba
Cover Artist: Jamal Igle

Get it on Dark Horse Comics for $3.99. Full color, 32 pages.

[Disclaimer: A review copy was provided for me to review this comic.]

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