Top Five Best Creepypastas

[Content warning for very creepy imagery.]

October is dedicated to the horror and the macabre. What better way to get your blood pumping than by reading scary stories? Here are my top five picks for creepypastas!

5. Ben Drowned (Haunted Majora’s Mask) by Alex Hall


Let’s kick off the list with a classic creepypasta, Ben Drowned. This was the story that got everyone into creepypastas. It’s about a Majora’s Mask cartridge that’s haunted by a dead kid named Ben, who harasses the protagonist after he plays. What set this one apart was that the author “recorded” the creepy video game footage and uploaded it to supplement the story.

(It’s recommended to read the story first before watching the game footage)

I know some people will say that the story is a little bit of a creepypasta cliché (finding the game cartridge in a garage sale, garage salesman can never be found…). But, keep in mind that this was one of the earliest ones, and it still holds up pretty well on its own.

4. The Rake


Move over, Slenderman, there’s a new monster in town. Shrouded in mystery, the accounts of the Rake are widely scattered and speculated. This short but scary creepypasta starts the mythos of the Rake. With the help of some found footage, this creature is starting to get more popular.

3. 1999 by Elliot


Mysterious TV Channel? Horrifying children’s show? Satanic Rituals? Pokémon? This creepypasta has it all. It’s well thought-out and well written, with no horror clichés either.

The story starts as the author remembers his childhood, particularly the year 1999. It began after the author’s father bought him his own TV. It was old and had to use rabbit ears and tin foil to get any kind of signal. Bored one day, the author flicks through the channels and comes across a very peculiar one, Caladon Local 21. It was only on at strange hours and hosted a few low budget kids’ shows. The author then begins to unravel the dark backstory behind the local channel and finds out more than he ever wanted to know. Definitely one of my favorite creepypastas.

2. Funny Mouth


Funny Mouth is a bit of unusual pasta. It begins in a chat channel when the main character, lemonlimeskull, starts getting harassed by another named funnymouth. At first, it’s only PMs back and forth. It escalates to stalking e-mails and web site hacks…then the nightmares began. Nightmares about decay and fingers ripping apart his flesh.

And my number 1 pick…

1. The Russian Sleep Experiment


Love military stories? Enjoy reading about government conspiracies? The Russian Sleep Experiment cranks up the creepy factor. The story is about four test subjects confined to a small room and given doses of an experimental gas that supposedly keeps you from needing sleep. After five days, the room goes completely silent. The researchers go in to check on the subjects, only to find horror instead. Original and well written, this creepypasta is one of the best and could have easily come from a collection of short stories. Kudos to the author!

Stay tuned for more scary stories from Nerdy But Flirty! Do you agree with our list? Have a favorite of your own? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Top Five Best Creepypastas

  1. Fantastic list! I couldn’t have picked better if I tried. When I first read Ben Drowned I couldn’t sleep at night without being terrified I was gonna see the Elegy of Emptiness. Even now hearing that music freaks me out!

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