The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 6, Ep. 9: Slender Man Finally Got Me!

This podcast is slightly different from most of all the others so far because it was recorded “out of the studio.” I actually recorded this with my cell phone’s built-in audio recording tool, and all things considered, I think the quality turned out rather nicely. I had a really bad headache the day I recorded this, but I’d vowed not to intentionally miss out on any podcast weeks this season (short of holidays), so I pressed through. Consistency is important after all, and I think this season of the podcast has been good as a result of that.

Among the topics talked about on the show is my recent delving into the world of the Slender Man mythos. Obviously, I was aware of most all of it, though I was a tad late to the game. I didn’t find out about Slender Man until the fall of 2013 (not super long before Halloween, in fact), and since then, I’ve really only sampled games in the genre for a few minutes and most of my knowledge came from the various Wikis out there and videos on YouTube. Recently, I did a livestream series on Slender: The Arrival for the PC, which is now on my YouTube channel, and that’s one of the major topics of discussion.

The other main talking point is a fan game I’m working on set within the Zelda universe, sometime after Zelda II: The Adventure of Link on the NES. The game will start out in the town of Saria and take players to Calatia, Moria (a land mentioned in the Nintendo Adventure books), Old Hyrule, Hyrule itself, and possibly even Koridai and Gamelon for fun. Stay tuned for more information on that one (especially if you want to be a tester!)

This is also the 75th episode of the podcast, though I likely won’t do anything special until we hit episode 100! Nonetheless, thank you – all of you – for your support!

If you’d like to stream or download the MP3 of this show, head here.

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